Detailed step-by-step instruction to get you making jewelry Like a Pro

Our History

The Online Jewelry Academy (OJA) was established in 2012 by co-founders

John Ahr and Don Hunt.  Working with just a cell phone camera, the two produced their first videos for YouTube.  The response to their initial videos was encouraging.  So, Ahr and Hunt decided to continue to produce educational videos for anyone interested in making jewelry.  As their access to video recording and editing technology increased, so did the number and quality of their videos.  But, the two men have remained consistent in adhering to three principles in each of their videos:


  • Safety First
  • Step-by-step instruction that's easy to follow
  • Easy access to quality tools and materials

This is the man behind the scenes, Don Hunt.

​Don Hunt is truly a renaissance man.  He has enjoyed success in a variety of fields.  And, he is always willing to face a new challenge.  His artistic sensibilities and technical prowess have helped the OJA to quickly make a mark on the field of jewelry education.  

This is your instructor, Professor John Ahr.

John Ahr divides his career between artistic exploration and arts education.  His work as an artist explores the silly to the sublime in a variety of media to form a uniquely expressive hybrid.

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico,